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Welcome to Spirare Energy

Spirare Energy is a leading global provider of on-site gas generation systems manufacturing Sealed Unipolar Electrolytic Cells and also having a tie up with Purification Equipment Research Institute of CSIC (PERIC), China for a joint supply of a complete Hydrogen Plant from China and India for High Pressure Bipolar Technology.

Our Technology

  • Stuart Type Sealed Unipolar Electrolysers.
  • High Pressure (upto 32 Bar) Bipolar Electrolysers.
  • Hydrogen recovery from COG in Steel Plants.
  • Hydrogen Recovery through Methanol Cracking.
  • High Pressure Compression & Purification Systems.
  • Storage of Hydrogen in Cylinders/Pressure Vessels/Tubes.
  • Manifold System for filling of Hydrogen.
  • High Purity Nitrogen System (PSA Based).
  • High Purity Oxygen System (PSA Based).
  • Compressed Air System with Dryer.
  • Water Treatment System.

Applications - Industry we serve


Hydrogen Generation systems are providing ultra pure hydrogen gas on-site for a variety of industrial and advanced technology applications. Hydrogen finds use in diverse applications covering many industries like Steel, Glass, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Fuel Cells, Optical Fibre etc.

Our Clients