This model is proposed for utilization in Metallurgical commercial Plants to produce oxygen free Nitrogen gas for Heat Treatment Furnaces. Oxygen impurity is less than 1 ppm is achieved. Plus, the Hydrogen content is 0.5 to 1%, which is desirable as decreasing constituent in generally Heat Treatment applications. Model “SE-DX Model” is upgraded version of “SE-MS” Generator and includes Palladium reactant Deoxo Purification Unit. This model is popular in Chemical / Steel industries and regularly utilized for cleansing / Inertizing applications.

Oxygen Content
Hydrogen Content
Nitrogen Content
Dew Point
1-ppm to 3-ppm (max)
0.5 to 1%
99.9997 to 99.9999%
(-)40 to (-)80ºC
As Inert gas in Chemical & Steel Industries. In applications where Oxygen impurity is not acceptable.



  • Less Start-up time, say 5-7 minutes only.
  • Skid mounted units for easy site installation and easy usability.
  • Cost of Nitrogen only INR 3.00 to INR 5.00 (5 to 7 US cents) per cubic meter only.
  • Captive Nitrogen Gas supply always under your control.
  • Carbon Molecular Sieves life is around 5-7 years.